All Da Kine All Da Time!! Nothing but the best from Hawaii!

No Ka Oi (the best)

The high life best describes what Hawaii High is all about. The island lifestyle of sun, surf and sand is much more than a tropical paradise for tourists. Hawaii is a way of life.  

   In the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii's unique character is reflected in everything HawaiiHigh does. From our stylish island wear to our cutting edge blog, HawaiiHigh strives to epitomize the special style that can only be found here.

    Hawaii is synonymous with the highest quality products in the world. From orchids to papayas to pakalolo, Hawaii's reputation precedes it's beauty and warmth. Hawaii High represents nothing less than that very same quality.

    Hawaii High was founded in 2012 and is the title of a novel by Jason Lamoore. Jason has been a cannabis grower for over 20 years in Hawaii and been in more than his fair share of trouble with the law. Dedicated to excellence in his art and his craft, Jason is committed to bring the best Hawaii has to offer the world...all with Aloha!

    Hawaii High is an Ohana (family) company and likes to keep it local and Hawaiian. Whenever possible goods and services are designed, made and produced in the Aloha state. We are always looking for artists, writers, activists, scientists and personalities to help us promote cannabis, Hawaii and the island lifestyle!

Mahalo Nui Loa