Hawaii's First Medical Cannabis Cup is a hit!

Hawaii Cannabis Care hosted the first medical cannabis competition in Hawaii on May 23. The first ever competition of it's kind went off without a hitch. With 28 entries from all over the island chain, the buds were of the highest quality. A Pineapple strain that tested at 30% was the strongest but not good enough to be the winner. Joey Greenthumb from Maui took the championship belt with his organically grown GSC x Fire OG.  The first ever cannabis competition highlighted some of the world's best herb grown Hawaiian style. 


Ed Rosenthal was a celebrity judge at the secret beach house along with all the growers who entered their herb. It was decided by a double elimination heads up competition. In the end there were only two. Puna Diesel went down by a 14 to 5 vote to Girls Scout Cookies X Fire O.G. from Maui!

All the herb was epic and the competition and judging (smoking on a Hawaiian white sand beach) was a special event of it's own. Next year the contest will include concentrates and indica/sativa categories says event organizers.

Aaron Zeeman aka: Professor Potgrower was only 9 months free from federal prison for cannabis distribution charges relating to the Roger Christie THC ministry "Green 14" bust in 2010. His entry won 2nd place (Puna Diesel). "I decided to drop my lawsuit against the feds and focus on growing. Hawaii's place in the world of weed is on top and it's my goal to revive the reputation Hawaii has earned and I want to bring back the strains of old with a new kick. I am a 'sativa believa' and Hawaiian herb cannot be reproduced indoor or grown any other place. It's aboutn the sun, U.V. and a cannabinoid called THC-V."

Zeeman claims next year's entry will take the belt. "The Professor is hard at work developing a tropical delight that will compare to Maui Wowie, Puna Budder, Kona Gold and Kauai Electric. It's all about genetics"