Hawaii court case will settle MMJ law

    On April 7th at the Hilo courthouse, there will be a hearing for Mike Ruggles who represents himself facing felony cannabis related charges. The case stems from the raid of the Alternative Pain Management Pu'uhonua, the first MMJ collective in Hawaii in Feb 2016. This hearing is the third time Ruggles will be questioning the head of the Hilo vice Ian Leeloy on the stand. Ruggles' motion to dismiss is based on "outrageous conduct" by the Hilo police department. Specifically, he asserts that the officers lied to get the warrant, falsified reports, tampered with evidence, broke the chain of custody (of evidence), threatened Ruggles with acts of violence and other undisclosed acts.

     Officer Ian Leeloy is also named in a law suit filed by Mike Ruggles for harassment that was filed before the bust in 2014 for a 2012 unwarranted search. Ruggles contended in criminal court that Leeloy has it out for Mike and is targeting him because of the lawsuit and that there is a history of targeting because of Mike's activism for cannabis including several lawsuits including one against former officer John Weber for constitutional violations. Ruggles also contends there is a culture of corruption in the Hawaii Police Department and these practices were employed to make the most recent case against him.

    It is not often that a defendant gets to question the lead cop on the stand, especially one that is also a defendant in a civil harassment suit. The previous two hearings were two hours in length with time running out as Ruggles questioned his accuser. "He got me last time. It was obvious he had been well prepped by counsel. That's okay, I won one and he won the last one. Now comes the rubber match" said Ruggles when questioned on how he thinks the case is coming along. "It's really all about the truth. I just want the judge to see that these guys are lying. I think Nakamura sees, I mean it's as clear as day these guys lied, cheated and are overall creeps. That's just how they roll, everybody knows it and I'm going to prove it with their own evidence!"

     Mike is very adamant facing over 20 years in prison. "This is all about patients' rights and the MMJ law in Hawaii. The cops don't know the law or don't want to follow it, the legislature doesn't really care about patients either or else they would have wrote clear, concise law. This case should settle a lot of this"

    Officer Leeloy is one of many police officers that Mike plans to question on the stand. The outrageous behavior hearing is likely to go beyond the next hearing date and with several other motions filed by Mike this case is far from over if it is not thrown out on this motion to dismiss. The case is very complex on many fronts. Not only is Mike asserting he was targeted unfairly in retribution for the lawsuits but the Hawaii MMJ laws are inadequate and vague according to Mike and he plans to sort it all out in court.

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By Jason Lamoore