The Hawaiian Connection: Puna Diesel, Sour Diesel and Dog Bud

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May 2016 Cannabis Care Hawaii, organizers of the Hawaii Cannabis Expo held the 2nd annual Free the Plant event in Oahu. The winner for the island of Hawaii a.k.a. the Big Island, was Puna Diesel, entered by Professor Potgrower.

The stinky sample defeated many delicious, top grade, Hawaiian grown strains including a Pineapple that tested at 30% THC.  The Puna Diesel sample was not tested unfortunately but most joints are left half smoked so that tells you something.

Among the judges making the tough decisions at the prestigious event was Ed Rosenthal, a legend, well respected for knowing a thing or two about weed. Even Joey Green Thumb said he preferred the Puna Diesel to his champion hybrid. But not everybody agreed, and Puna Diesel took a respectable 2nd place for the state and first for the Big Island. The Professor says he’ll enter it again in 2017.